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Have you or a loved one been positively impacted by EAD's horse therapy services, events, retreats or programs? We would love for you to share your story with us. Please upload your photos, videos and/or short story to the "File Upload" dialogue. This will allow us to received your information in a dedicated folder. This is our solution to help you get us large files that are often difficult or impossible to email and send because of size.


By sharing your story to us, you are acknowledging consent for us to use your files (videos, photos, messages, etc) for marketing purposes, including but not limited to: email and quarterly newsletters, on our website, on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and otherwise. By sending you also acknowledge we may only use part of what is sent and may update details to remove personal information, correct typos and shorten content, etc.


We would love to feature as many stories and testimonials as possible, however, what will be featured will be the sole discretion of Equine Assisted Development. Thank you for your contribution to our mission and ministry.

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