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Contact us to schedule a talk and tour of our farm, setup an appointment for individual or group therapy sessions with our horses (note due to COVID-19 groups are limited to 10 participants), become a financial partner or book our executive director to speak at your organization, church or special event. We'd love to hear from you.

EAD Executive Director     director@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Grants Coordinator   grants@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Events Coordinator   events@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Volunteer Team           volunteer@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Sponsorship Team     sponsorship@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Fundraising Team       fundraising@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Marketing Team          marketing@equineassisteddev.org

EAD Board                               board@equineassisteddev.org

Desperate for Hope? Learn more about our 6 week programs for individuals.

Our city farm is conveniently located 2 blocks from the Woodland Mall and on the bus line. The property is on 23 acres in an industrial neighborhood.