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One life changed

can change a community.

As a partner, you have the opportunity to change lives in your community by financially supporting Equine Assisted Development.

​Our most critical EAGALA equine therapy work is done with at-risk clients referred to us by outside agencies throughout West Michigan (such as Manasseh Project, Family Outreach Center, Arbor Circle and public schools with high at-risk populations). However, many agencies do not have finances in their budgets to cover the cost of EAD programs, despite these at-risk clients experiencing the positive benefits of equine assisted therapy.


Would you please consider becoming a financial partner with EAD? In addition to one time or ongoing gifts, we welcome planned giving in the form of estate, legacy and IRA contributions. For reference, $500.00 can underwrite 1 individual’s program for 6 weeks and $3,000 can underwrite a 6 week program for 8 individuals. Any amount is greatly appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. Please give online or mail a check to: 3224 32nd Street Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512


Our programs would not be possible without the support from our generous partners, like you. Your support is more than a donation; it's an investment in to our community for the good of our community. Real happiness begins in a stable. Donate here or scroll down.


Legacy or Planned Giving

With a legacy or planned donation to Equine Assisted Development, you create a powerful, enduring gift—one that keeps giving. Your support not only enables individuals of all ages to experience transformative horse-based therapy but also significantly impacts our ability to provide for those from lower-income backgrounds.


Moreover, your contribution provides a sustainable source of income to ensure our horses receive the meticulous care they need to thrive. It also aids in the expansion of our facilities, extending our reach and deepening our impact within the local community.


A planned gift to Equine Assisted Development shows your commitment to fostering resilience and positive change that reverberates throughout the community. Consider making a legacy gift today and become a part of a lasting journey of empowerment and recovery.

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