Our most critical work is with at-risk clients referred to us by outside agencies throughout West Michigan. Our clients may have troubled histories: abuse, sex trafficking, addiction challenges, low self-worth, behavioral, and identity issues. We provide a safe space for those experiencing grief, depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma victims, Alzheimers/Dementia, and much more. Equine assisted therapy is is unique and universal in its ability to make a positive impact on every individual who works with the horses, providing healing to various forms of trauma.

Equine Assisted Development offers individual sessions, group sessions and retreat therapy programs through financial donors, scholarships and partnerships committed to furthering equine assisted learning, growth and development. EAD offers client's two distinct forms of therapy, first the EAGALA Model - equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and second, equine assisted learning (EAL).


The EAGALA Model is considered the gold standard for equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development. Clients looking to utilize EAP therapy are required to provide their own licensed therapist to accompany therapy sessions to work alongside an EAGALA certified horse specialist and those interested in EAL, work solely with an EAGALA certified horse specialist.


These are the core groups we serve in addition to individual therapy requests.

  1. Diverse Communities | vulnerable and at-risk youth, teens, and adults

  2. Trauma Survivors | trafficked, domestic and other forms of abuse

  3. Mental Health | children, adolescents, adults and providers

  4. Students & Educators | public/private schools and universities

  5. Assisted Living | Dementia, Alzheimer’s patients and respite care

  6. Military | active duty, reserves, veterans, and military families

  7. First Responders | police, fire, EMT, and medical professionals

  8. Corporate | leadership and team-building exercises

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