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What Can EAD Do For You?

Equine Assisted Development uses horses experientially for personal growth, character building, and finding wholeness from within. EAD offers programs for youth, adults, groups, and corporate retreats.


The Process begins by giving people tasks to do with horses. By observing and asking open ended questions, individuals come to discover their own perceptions and mental processes behind their actions. Each session we build and progress to create new habits for real life experiences.


EAD sessions target skills such as assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, and anything imaginable.

"From the first minute you walk into the arena and engage with the horses, you feel a peace and a freedom that transcends the stresses of life. It’s like a deep breath for the soul."



EAD provides programs for a variety of children. Victims of human trafficking, respite children, children going through a loss, and many more can benefit from EAD's character building and leadership programs.



There are many adults that can benefit from our coaching programs. EAD works with couples, widowed parents, the unemployed, and other adults going through difficult times.

EAD offers programs for school groups, youth groups, corporate work retreats, Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and more!




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