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Corporate Trainings

Equine Assisted Development offers two different Corporate Trainings which are designed to help businesses increase productivity. The sessions incorporate coaching and horses to provide a unique experience where only teamwork succeeds.



(3 hours)


            15 Minutes: Introduction

            60 Minutes: One Horse Activity

            30 Minutes: Debrief & Application

            60 Minutes: One Horse Activity

            15 Minutes: Debrief

This is a half-day program that allows companies to slip away from the workplace for a short period of time. Accomplish all you need in a day and build a better environment for your organization.

(6 hours)


            9:00: Introduction & Breakfast

            9:30: One Horse Activity

          10:30: Break

          10:45: One Horse Activity

          11:30: Coaching Session

          12:15: Lunch

            1:00: Two Horse Activities

            2:30: Debrief & Application

            3:00: Departure

This program offers a full-day of in-depth development for companies. The full-day option is perfect for company retreats.

Video Produced By Macatawa Bank

EAD Corporate Training Programs promote:


creative thinking


problem-solving skills



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