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Together we can build a safe and healthy pasture for the team that works the hardest to help humans that are hurting.


Give Today. Change Tomorrow.


 One thing we know comes with winter in Michigan is MUD and lots of it. 

Due to heavy fall rains, the pastures at Equine Assisted Development have become extremely muddy and uneven, creating hazardous conditions for both the horses and volunteers. Volunteers are getting stuck in deep puddles, slipping on ice, and tripping over frozen ruts as they try to navigate the pastures. The muddy conditions also put the horses at risk of injury and illness. To address these issues, Equine Assisted Development needs to raise $11,100 to make critical pasture improvements including installing wood chips to soak up standing water, building a crushed concrete path for safer volunteer access, and adding automatic waterers to provide the horses with a reliable clean water source. Making these important updates will help create a safer environment for the horses and volunteers at Equine Assisted Development.

Our programs would not be possible without the support from generous partners, like you. Your support is more than a donation; it's an investment in our community, for the good of our community.
Real happiness begins in a stable, not in the mud. 

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