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Give Today. Change Tomorrow.


The barn where we do therapy is cold.  This is no fun for the patients who are there trying to get better, and therapists struggle to work with numb fingers and running noses.  And while the horses come with their own fur coat, even they are cold after this week's snow.   The farmer's almanac has predicted this winter to be the coldest winter in years with record breaking snowfall and lots of storms.  We have seen the evidence of this already with the gigantic snowstorm that just blanketed the area.  

We have worked a deal with our friends at Kentwood Heating and Plumbing to put in overhead heaters, but we need your help to pay for them. Please help us raise the $17,000 needed to heat the barn.


We are grateful to Randy and Sue Bierlein who have offered a matching gift up to $1,500. This means that every dollar you donate up to $1,500 will be matched one for one.   


Our programs would not be possible without the support from generous partners, like you. Your support is more than a donation; it's an investment in our community, for the good of our community. Real happiness begins in a stable, but not if it's freezing.  Click here to Donate, or scroll down.

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