One life changed can change a community.

As a business sponsorship partner, you have the opportunity to change lives in your community by marketing your organization with and through EAD.

Equine assisted therapy is unique and universal in its ability to make a positive impact on every individual who works with our horses, providing healing to various forms of trauma. EAD wants to bring that healing to our clients, our city and our community but cannot accomplish our mission alone and this is our invitation to you and your business organization.  Business sponsorship payments are tax deductible. Invoices will be emailed to the emails provided in the form linked to the "secure your sponsorship" button below. Please mail a check made out to Equine Assisted Development to: 3224 32nd Street Grand Rapids, MI 49512.

Support collected through business sponsorship specifically goes towards our EAD's general fund to help support monthly operating costs of the farm along with special events, free programming and more. Our 2020 sponsorship opportunity runs from July 31 of this year to July 31 of 2021 and costs $1500. We are currently only taking 25 business sponsorship partners for 2020. Sponsorship includes:

  • Company logo and link to website on EAD website until July 31, 2021. Sponsor information appear in order sponsorships are paid for and secured.

  • Company logo printed on stand alone yard signs to be used at applicable EAD events in fall 2020 - July 31, 2021. (Event schedule subject to change due to COVID-19)

  • Company 6 foot vendor table at the Unity in Community event, or similar event in 2021.

  • Company logo printed on applicable event posters in fall 2020 - July 31, 2021

  • Private 90 minute horse therapy session for your business team (up to 6 participants). Team therapy session must be scheduled and take place by July 31, 2021. Each participant will also receive an EAD water bottle to take home.

  • BONUS: First 10 Sponsor Partnerships will receive individual business shout outs with links to company Facebook page, Instagram page and website address with company mission statements on EAD’s Instagram, FB page and email newsletter. Share your business mission with over 1,900 of our loyal followers and subscribers. Bonus shout outs will take place in 2020.

Would you please consider becoming a 2020 EAD business sponsorship partner? Your sponsorship is more than a sponsorship for marketing purposes; it's an investment in to our community for the good of our community. One life changed can change a community. Please note, multi-level marketing and/or direct sales businesses are not eligible for sponsorship.

Business Sponsorship Partners

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