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Support EAD's Human Trafficked Victims on January 11th, Human Traffic Awareness Day 

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Support EAD's Fundraising Push Day 

Equine Assisted Development offers non riding horse therapy programs for human trafficked victims. Our goal is to raise $5,000 on January 11th to support our human trafficked victim program. This funding will support our human trafficked victims for one whole year. 

$6oo funds one year of therapy programs at EAD for one victim of human trafficking

EAD's programs deeply impact victims of Human Trafficking in West Michigan

read their stories

"Equine Therapy has helped me dramatically. Cochise, my favorite horse, has been a very great therapist for me. He has helped me learn that I am loved." 

"My time at EAD has taught me how to express myself to the horse. I have made a relationship with Deb (EAD founder) and the horses. I enjoy going to Equine Assisted Development."

"I enjoy EAD for many reasons. They have great staff, beautiful scenery, and amazing horses. I've made a good connection with the horses and staff. I miss being there every week. Lady is my favorite. Equine is the best, I love Equine."

"EAD helps me very much emotionally and physically. Horses bond me together with reality. Cochise has built trust and an unbreakable bond with me. I am depending on him for a whole lot."

"I learned to trust myself at EAD. I learned that if you trust yourself, then the horse will trust you. I also learned to focus on the horses and myself because the horses will pay attention to you. I have to make eye contact with the horses and talk to them because then they will be able to trust you."

I was chained to a tree and fed like a dog by my Dad. He was a successful drug dealer in a well known rural town in Michigan. I was sold to his high level connections in the drug industry to show good favor. A chain and a tree became my safe place because bad men didn’t get me there. We had so much money that I had my own personal shopping cart when we went to the grocery store. But, I was still treated like a slave. My mom would try to escape with me and my brother. But, he would always find us. My Dad was caught eventually and just when I thought things were looking up, I realized I had to do the hardest thing I would ever have to do; testify against my own dad in court. I was under the age of 13. He received more than 5 life sentences. 

Now, I have a new safe place.

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