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EAD’s COVID-19 Response Plan

The health and safety of our essential staff, volunteers and board members is a top priority.

Our plan to protect our essential staff, volunteers and board members:

  • Practice state and federal guidelines for wearing face-masks and practice social distancing at all times.

    • Face-masks, hand-sanitizer and soap and sink are readily available

    • Posting guidelines for COVID-19 symptom and self analysis for health

    • Disinfecting the bathroom and EAD barn room on a regular basis

    • Increasing fresh air ventilation throughout the barn and facilities daily

    • All staff, volunteers, board members, clients, event participants, etc are required to fill out a COVID-19 waiver in addition to other required waivers


Essential staff, volunteers and board members:

  • Deb VanderBand (Executive Director)

    • designated COVID -19 supervisor

  • Volunteers

    • Volunteer Coordinators

      • Horse Wranglers

      • Events Team

      • Farm Hands

    • Grant Coordinator

    • Events Coordinator

    • Marketing Team (Marketing/Sponsorship/Fundraising/Programming)

      • Marketing Strategist

      • Marketing Assistant Intern

    • EAD Board

      • Board President

      • Board Secretary

      • Additional Board Positions


Essential staff and volunteers are requested to work from home when able. In person contact on the farm will be limited and only required when necessary for in person interaction.


Plan to protect the Executive Director

  • Director has exclusive access to the private EAD office

  • Sign posted on the outside door of the private office door stating that the office is closed to visitors without prior permission.


Printed information on COVID-19 mitigation efforts and guidelines posted in the barn and printed in a binder for personnel access:

  • Symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Proper hand washing and disinfecting.

  • Proper social distancing measures.

  • Information on how the COVID-19 can be transmitted from person to person.

  • Steps essential staff and volunteers must take to notify EAD of exposure to the virus.

  • Safety recommendations that essential staff and volunteers must follow in order to prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19.

  • Information on how to properly put on, remove and dispose of face-masks.


What to do if essential staff, volunteer or board member test positive for COVID-19

  • Notify Executive Director immediately

  • Contact Kent County Health Department for contact tracing

  • May not work/volunteer until cleared by doctor

  • Alert all EAD personnel that there is a positive case


Updated 7/9/2020

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