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Cora 2019











Cora | Lesson 1: Hope
- Age: Unknown (guess, around 30)
- With EAD: 8 years
- Background: won in a poker game by a cattle guy and she sat behind a   barn her entire life in isolation with cows.
- Specialties: Those who struggle with fitting in, feel they have no worth or value or feel invisible. Cora works well with those who have confidence or self-worth concerns.


 STIX | Lesson 2: Honesty
- Age: 15
- With EAD: 8 years
- Breed: Leopard Appaloosa
- Background: Came to us because no one could ride him.
- Specialties: Knows what he wants, walks to his own pace and the beat of his own drum, does things on his terms. He’s great in situations with those who are used to getting their way or attention. He doesn’t put up with attitudes, secure in himself, not dependent on others opinions. 


COE | Lesson 3: Respect
- Founding heard member/herd boss
- Age: 21 years
- With EAD: 20 years
- Breed: Paint
- Background: Unknown
- Specialty: Makes others work for his respect, he won’t automatically trust you. Everything about him commands the best in people in order to get close to him. He only accepts the authentic qualities of who individuals are and doesn’t tolerate BS.

SIS | Lesson 4: Integrity
-  Age: 11 years
- With EAD: 2 years
- Breed: Quarter horse
- Background: retired show horse.
- Specialty: She’s had to adjust from her professional life to a new lifestyle. Sis works well with those processing new life adjustments or change such as retirees, empty nesters, college students, etc.

TUFF | Lesson 5: Optimism
- Age: 4 years
- With EAD: 1 year
- Breed: Quarter horse
- Background: Came from Shepherd, MI blood lines in cattle cutting.
- Specialty: As a fun loving, curious, trouble making youngster, Tuff is great with helping individuals identify and focus on the positive things in life when going through challenging circumstances.


NOEL | Lesson 6: Perseverance
- Age: 20 years
- With EAD: 19 years
- Breed: Miniature horse
- Background: She was born on December 16th, people who owned her didn’t know her mother was pregnant with her and she overcame pneumonia while very young.
- Specialties: overcoming adversity, she’s bold, sassy, and intentional, she knows what she wants. Size does not matter for Noel, because she’s smaller and diverse, she is used her regularly in therapy sessions with the larger horses and she’s taken the lead role on EAD’s Alzheimer’s and dementia program.




CARM | Lesson 7: Dignity
- herd matriarch
- Age: 32 years
- With EAD: 16 years
- Breed: Palomino
- Background: she was abused while being broke and beat in the face with two by fours; she was formerly a speed horse.
- Specialties: She understands pain, grief loss, isolation, desperation, hopelessness. Carm she’s the perfect example and definition of dignity and resilience. Carm is used with individuals with trauma, abuse and those desperate for healing.

GEORGE | Lesson 8: Endurance
- Age: 15 years
- With EAD: 8 years
- Breed: Paint
- Background: Came from a herd in Hesperia, MI not been broke to ride.
- Specialty: was broke to ride with EAD, riding career ended two years ago. Ever since then his health has declined rapidly from genetic disabilities. George is great with children to the elderly and those with disabilities, vertigo and chronic sickness or pain.



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